Foundations of HDP

Sitting over breakfast in Bridgewater, MA in 2006, two former members of the since disbanded Brockton Camera Club, hatched the idea for Hockomock Digital Photographers Club (HDP).

Joe Kennedy and Frank Gorga laid the foundations for what is now a small thriving community of professional and hobbyist photographers. Current members Jim Weidenfeller, Rick Alvarnaz, Al Bandlow, Ron Reynolds, and Mariann Moberg were early members of the new group.

Joe’s past connection with the Brockton Camera Club, connections with NECCC and PSA were instrumental to set up and begin the humble club. HDP moved to its current location at the East Bridgewater Library after quickly outgrowing space for the early meetings at the West Bridgewater Library. The club continues to evolve its programs and members still today.

Without Joe’s passion and willingness to put in the time and effort into being the ‘head cook and bottle washer’ of the club in the early days, and serving as president for many seasons, there wouldn’t be an HDP today.

On behalf of today’s club, thanks Frank and an especially warm THANK YOU to Nikon Joe Kennedy.



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